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Georgia All State Chorus Prep Courses

Do you have students auditioning for the Georgia All State Chorus? 

The Georgia All State Chorus Preparation courses are designed specifically around the Georgia All State Chorus audition.  Courses are available for 7th-8th, 9th-10th, and 11th-12th and cover all components of the first audition including scales, solo, and sight reading.  

Mobile ready

Courses can be accessed from any device, including phones!

video lessons

Each lesson contains a video which provides students with a step-by-step explanation of each component of the Georgia All State Chorus audition.

Practice Exercises

Each course contains 300 sight reading exercises customized to the vocal part of each student. In addition, interactive sheet music using the Soundslice player is used so that students can practice their scales and their solo. See it in action here.

save time

Save valuable rehearsal time by giving students a tool that they can use on their own to prepare for the audition. Use the exercises with your entire class to improve their musicianship.

Perfect My Theory

Learning music theory is essential for the developing and advanced musician. As a music teacher, you often struggle with finding dedicated time to spend teaching music theory to your students due to the demands of preparing students for live performances and events.

Our music theory courses are designed with the busy music teacher in mind. Courses are leveled so that both the beginner and the advanced student can benefit.

Mobile ready

Students can access their courses on any device. Perfect for schools where there are a limited number of devices for students to use in the classroom.

Leveled curriculum

PerfectMyTheory is available in four different levels: beginner, novice, intermediate, and advanced. Teachers can mix and match levels to differentiate learning for each student in the classroom.

Interactive exercises

Each course contains hundreds of practice exercises that require students to practice the concepts they are learning. Gone are the days of the boring music theory worksheets!


Each lesson contains a quiz that students are required to take to demonstrate mastery of the content. Assessments are auto-graded, which is perfect for the busy music director.


Do you need custom rehearsal tracks for your choir?

The team at PerfectMyMusic is ready to help.  We prepare custom tracks for your students that can be accessed 24/7.

But these are more than audio tracks.  Students can follow the music on their screen, change the tempo of the track, start at any measure, loop a difficult section for repeated practice, and more.

Mobile ready

Music is accessible from any device and adjusts to the size of the screen, even phone!

Enhanced Vocal tracks

Each vocal part is enhanced so that students can practice their vocal part in isolation.

Interactive sheet music

Adjust the tempo on the fly, start rehearsing from any measure, loop playback to isolate a difficult phrase or section, and more.

Track Practice Time

Keep track of how often students are practicing. Download real time reports of student progress.

Perfect My Sight Singing

Until now, students had a limited way to practice learning to sight read on their own.  With the Perfect My Sight Singing course, students have access to hundreds of sight reading examples that they can practice any time and on any device. Students can finally learn how to read music and perfect their craft as a skillful musician.

Mobile ready

Students can practice their sight singing from any device, even a phone!

Leveled curriculum

The sight singing courses are broken into six different levels. You will be able to differentiate instruction in order to meet the needs of your students, no matter what level.


A variety of tools are available to the student to practice their sight reading including audio, metronome, video, and more. See it in action here.

use with entire class

Exercises can be used with your entire music class. Just project the examples on the board. Music can be seen clearly by all students in the class.

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