Practice Makes Perfect

Have you heard the phrase, "Practice makes perfect?" The team at PerfectMyMusic believes true musical perfection comes with diligent, deliberate, and concentrated practice. Our online courses are designed to give you the tools you need to make this kind of practice possible. Become a better musician. Start now.

Georgia All State Chorus Prep Courses NOW AVAILABLE!

Auditioning for the Georgia All State Chorus?  Prep courses are now available.

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Learning music should be fun.  The team at PerfectMyMusic has designed all courses to be fun and engaging for all ages.


Learn at your own pace.  Lessons can be completed in any order, and you can go back and review as much as you want.  Take quizzes multiple times until you get it right.


Practice exercises and lessons include video, audio, and interactive exercises that provide a hands-on learning experience.  Activities that involve sight, sound, and touch are included in each course.


Earn badges and certificates for completing lessons, courses, and quizzes.  Share your rewards with your friends on social media and with others who are enrolled in the course.


The team at PerfectMyMusic has designed courses to work on any device.  You can access your course from a smartphone, tablet, or desktop (PC or Mac).  No matter how you access your courses, the experience is just as engaging.


Most websites that offer online courses charge a hefty fee for the content, and in most cases, the content is static and boring.  Courses at PerfectMyMusic are affordable.  Purchasing a course gives you access to that course for an entire year.  No monthly charges or subscriptions are required.

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Core Course Features


Each lesson contains a video that explains difficult musical concepts in simple language with visual and audio examples.


Music learning is impossible without audio examples.  Courses contain hundreds of examples to supplement the lessons.


Each course contains quizzes to allow you to test your knowledge of the concepts and skills that you are learning.  Quizzes are interactive and contain a variety of question types.


In addition to traditional learning tools, courses are designed with interactive games  to allow you to perfect your skills in an even deeper way.

Practice Exercises

Each course contains over 500 practice exercises, providing you with multiple opportunities to learn.  Practice exercises contain interactive audio to enhance your learning experience.